Sherman Off the Square (ShOT)
Ruth Williamson

Welcome to Sherman Off the Square (ShOT)

Ruth Williamson

Welcome to Sherman Off the Square (ShOT)

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About Us

We've begun a new venture and are working hard to explain just what coworking and acceleration of results means to startups, micro and small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Our mission is to accelerate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Texoma.

ShOT Network

Sherman Off the Square (ShOT) is inclusive. It is time to "Give a ShOT" to all of the local startups, entrepreneurs, makers, artists, and creatives in the Greater Texoma Community. Let's collaborate and do things in and out of the box. For several years now, we've been publicizing and spreading the good news about all the things to do, experience and enjoy with our friends and neighbors and keep those dollars circulating in our community. Let's just say we are upping the game and you can be part of it.

Our Ideation Station facility offers coworking, collaboration, incubation, mentoring and launch support for the arts, sciences, maths, startups, entrepreneurs, leaders, non-profits and remote workers that seek a like-minded growth oriented community in downtown Sherman Texas. We do this through providing shared space, meeting and work space. We are located in historic downtown Sherman, Texas one block south on Travis from the Grayson County Courthouse and Justice Center.

This year Ideation Station is engaged in a collaboration project, Collaboration Station, and you are a big part. Developing a network, ShOT, that is our own, supported by our community, means that we can freely collaborate across time, distance and without organizational constraints, advertising, or other distractions and get more done.

Why You Should Join Us

By joining the ShOT Community Network you can access other community leaders to collaborate, coordinate and develop your events, stakeholders, volunteers, contributors, vendors, partners, and gain new audiences and resources. It is just that simple. Making it easier to plan, develop and execute year round with fewer meetings, phone calls, memos and constraints.

A Big Thanks

I am so grateful that you are willing to experiment, prototype and develop a better way of networking, collaborating and working together. Thank you for getting engaged. Let me know how I can help you. Warmest Regards - Ruth Williamson

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